William Shakespeare’s Macbeth- Act 2, Scene 2.

Lady Macbeth

Time: Sometime past Midnight

Lady Macbeth has come back to her room just after she has drugged the King Duncan’s guards. She meets Macbeth in the in the lower courtyard as he comes out of the king’s room itself,  and the things he says obviously portrays his conscience because of his evil acts.  Lady Macbeth critiques and criticises him. The success of their plot is also in jeopardy because Macbeth has brought the daggers with him, and he has blood all over himself. Lady Macbeth returns to the scene of the murder in order to place the daggers and to smear the king’s sleeping servants with blood, a deed that presents her with none of the horrors that now affects Macbeth. As the scene closes, we hear, with the Macbeth’s, a loud and persistent knocking at the door.



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