Senses task

English senses task 

Instructions: Write down five things that happened on the way to school.

  1. Got in the car
  2. Ignored the sibling arguments
  3. The car started
  4. School grounds
  5. Whanau


As i opened the door i instantly felt goosebumps from the cold air, wishing i was back inside in my bed. I truged along the gravel driveway and hear my siblings behind me, ignoring their debate about who was in the front seat. I opened the door and slumped into backseat of the car. As they finally climbed in with my eldest sister haley in the front seat and my irritating seven year old brother, William and the dog beside me. The car started with a rumble and we set off for another day of school. I looked out the window to see students walking into school, me too just about to meet the same fate, and walked to whanau.


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