Diegetic (in the scene) at the beginning applause, bang, shooting, talking Non-diegetic- music, music sounds added, Over the shoulder, level angle, Mid shot, low angle, long shot level angle, behind shot, zoom into mid shot, close up mid shot, High angle, low-level angle, low angle zoom, over the shoulder, establishing shot, level angle CAMERA ANGLES […]

If you’ve picked up this story, don’t bother reading it. Just put it down and go about your day, reading books, or playing games. Go and do something while you still can, when someone won’t control you and watch you do it. The worn down clock in the middle of the town struck 4 as the […]

My feet tread lighting as I step onto the future dystopian Olympic running track of 3026. Beside me stand my competitors, their metal faces reflecting the sun as they start to charge themselves for the race. I’ve seen their practice run, the robots staggering acceleration levels astound me. As the race starts my feet are perfectly […]

1 Outside the bleak notorious walls stood a bridge- the only way to get into the gates and once through that, the building. On top of the bridge, impassive soldiers stood carelessly of what or who wanted to pass through. Underneath the bridge, the drop would kill you before you hit the frigid water. 2 […]

Theme: regret Whats done is done, and i can’t go back. My thoughts transported back to the day that everything would elapse. It was a monday morning on August the 28th, the day i would finally leave my mistakes behind. We walked down to the gate, with her trailing behind me. Beyond it stood my gateway […]

English senses task  Instructions: Write down five things that happened on the way to school. Got in the car Ignored the sibling arguments The car started School grounds Whanau   As i opened the door i instantly felt goosebumps from the cold air, wishing i was back inside in my bed. I truged along the […]