Task: Determine a hypothesis and use it to head a new entry on your blog. How has the English Text Communication in the 21st century shaped our world today? Spoken communication in the 21st century has evolved over the years and has expanded the English language considerably. We have essentially created new words and developed them into […]

1) Yeah? 2) Oh fanks for answering geezer, you know what I mean? 3) Give me that! Where you been fool? Make us rinse out our credit leaving you messages and that. 2) Mr doors is well on the war path with you, bruv, yeah? 1) Cos of the bag and that? 2) What bag? […]

Diegetic (in the scene) at the beginning applause, bang, shooting, talking Non-diegetic- music, music sounds added, Over the shoulder, level angle, Mid shot, low angle, long shot level angle, behind shot, zoom into mid shot, close up mid shot, High angle, low-level angle, low angle zoom, over the shoulder, establishing shot, level angle CAMERA ANGLES […]

If you’ve picked up this story, don’t bother reading it. Just put it down and go about your day, reading books, or playing games. Go and do something while you still can, when someone won’t control you and watch you do it. The worn down clock in the middle of the town struck 4 as the […]

1 Outside the bleak notorious walls stood a bridge- the only way to get into the gates and once through that, the building. On top of the bridge, impassive soldiers stood carelessly of what or who wanted to pass through. Underneath the bridge, the drop would kill you before you hit the frigid water. 2 […]

Theme: regret Whats done is done, and i can’t go back. My thoughts transported back to the day that everything would elapse. It was a monday morning on August the 28th, the day i would finally leave my mistakes behind. We walked down to the gate, with her trailing behind me. Beyond it stood my gateway […]